Stratford Calling

Episode 8 - The Farm

August 03, 2020 Emma Season 1 Episode 8
Stratford Calling
Episode 8 - The Farm
Show Notes

Hello! Stratford Calling!

This is a special episode as I spent a lovely couple of hours down at The Farm, in Snitterfield. I spoke to real live people face-to-face which was a nice change to talking over a computer screen!

In this episode you will hear from Charlie who owns The Farm and just how passionate she is about good, local food and the local community; as well as some of the concessions who make and sell there - Holly from The Slab, Mark from Swirls and Robin from Crombie's Butchers. 

If you want to find out everything about The Farm, you can visit their website and their social media pages - Facebook @thefarmstratford, Twitter @TheFarmSUA and Insta @thefarmstratford. 

You can also show your support for their signage campaign, by signing their petition here:

I would love hear your stories of trips to The Farm. You can email me at or message me on Facebook @stratfordcalling.

Happy listening!

P.S. Find out what's happening on the podcast next week!